Amara Romani

Amara Romani Amara Romani
Amara Romani @
Amara Romani is dating a degenerate gambler. You've probably known one in your life. All they seem to truly care about are things like the "over/under", the "money line"...the favorites and the "dogs". And how to profit off it all. Amara's man just had a terrible weekend, and he owes The Man "five dimes". Amara doesn't know what that means, but she knows what five thousand dollars means, and she knows her man doesn't have it. The guys coming to collect know it to, and instead of getting a beat down, Amara's man has offered up Amara's awesome blowjob skills, her tight, pink cunt, and her her tiny little butthole as a way to buy some more time. They're going to take him up on the offer, and why not fuck Amara right in front of her man? Remember, he's a degenerate, so he'll sit and watch and jerk his dinky as the two have their way with his woman. After they're done, he'll drop a load on Amara, just for being the best girlfriend ever!
Amara Romani Amara Romani
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Getting Wet

Getting Wet

Getting Wet

Young, beautiful, healthy, bra-busting college student Daria (February 2017 SCORE, March 2017 Voluptuous) gets wet and comes clean. "This is my first time modeling," said Daria, who was the covergirl in both mags. Her English is good enough, not that it matters because what Daria and many other girls do transcends mere language differences.

"I enjoy it. It is a new experience for me and everyone is so nice. I always wanted to model so when I had this opportunity, I made a decision to do this. I have just graduated college so I have the time for this."

Like many young Russian girls of college age, Daria spends a lot of time on physical fitness. She swims, roller skates, exercises, plays volleyball (we'd love to see that) and enjoys pedaling away on long bike rides in the countryside when the weather is good. She also likes taking long showers as this video demonstrates. We might be the only guys who've actually joined her in the shower.

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Asstounding Tails

Asstounding Tails

Asstounding Tails

Southern charmer, doll-baby and gamer girl Suzumi Wilder is game for some pleasure with her butt toy. Her full-moon tush is the stuff rump dreams are made of. Suzumi extracts the butt plug from under the pillow. She can rub down her clit while she eases the plug into her ass. Relief is on the way.

One of the great mysteries of life is why some girls hide their vibrators and tush toys under their pillows instead of in a nightstand drawer with their lube, wands, handcuffs and extra batteries. It would be a good door-to-door survey question at sorority houses.

"I love anal whether it's by myself or with a guy. Sometimes I will use a double-headed dildo that I will put into my pussy and my ass and fuck myself until I feel an orgasm coming. I might use a vibrating egg on my clit while I fuck myself to cum as hard as I can."

Long term, Suzumi would like to work as a designer for a gaming outfit. If we ran one of those companies, we'd hire her in a second. We know talent when we see her.

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<b>Anal Skype cuckold</b>

Anal Skype cuckold

Anal Skype cuckold

Cammille Austin, a 58-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Arkansas, gets on Skype (or Facetime or whatever she's using), calls her husband and invites him to watch her fuck two total strangers. She's bored. She's wearing sexy lingerie. Her hubby is used to this kind of thing because he watched her fucked eight guys on their wedding night. Yeah, it's an unconventional marriage, and Cammille is an unconventional woman.

How unconventional? She has big, fake tits. She has pierced nipples. She has a pierced pussy. She lets guys she barely knows take turns on her pussy and cum all over her face.

Most women back home in Arkansas don't do this kind of thing.

Cammille is a nurse. Her husband is a surgeon. We asked her what influenced her to make porn movies, and she said, "Actually, it was my husband. We just started experimenting in the bedroom. It started with pictures, and then we moved on to videos. We would call up some of his friends, and he would tape us while we had sex. We really enjoyed it and just kept on doing it."

And now she's doing it here for our viewing pleasure. And his. And her pleasure.

Surprisingly, however, Cammille and her husband aren't swingers.

"The rule at our house is that he shares me, but I don't share him. He's stuck with me."

She's a good woman to be stuck with. And a good woman to make sticky.

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Big Booty Babe

Big Booty Babe

Big Booty Babe

What was your high school experience like, Jayden?

I played a ton of sports and was extremely social. I was always getting into trouble!

What kind of trouble?

Well, I like to wear very revealing shirts. I like very tight and short skirts. I loved getting the attention of all of the boys. I absolutely consider myself an exhibitionist, and one time I got caught sucking my boyfriend's dick in the middle of the football field after we thought everybody had gone home for the day. Oops!

Where else have you done it in public?

I do it all the time. I've fucked inside of stores, balconies, dressing rooms, etc..

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Man Suspended From Twitter After Posting Ex-Girlfriend's Nude Pics
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Rachel Raxxx

Rachel Raxxx Rachel Raxxx
Rachel Raxxx @
Las Vegas winters get cold! Take today, for example: it's November and 71 and sunny. For you that might sound like a nice day, but for Rachel Raxx and her pals, it's downright freezing! In fact, who even suggested a swim on such a blustery day?! Rachel has an idea: how about some sucking and maybe even a little bit of fucking? All ten guys are down, and what proceeds is Rachel's wet, warm mouth entertaining all ten men. Speaking of warm and wet, Rachel's cunt gets in on the action as well. Why? Well, in addition to being a white-cock slut, Rachel wants to edge the crew for the grand finale: Rachel's enormous, all-natural JJ's are a cumdumster for what could be some of the biggest pop shots she's ever seen! Let's call this a big-titty bukakke!
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Two big cocks for Brandi Fox

Two big cocks for Brandi Fox

Two big cocks for Brandi Fox

"I get a lot of compliments that I have a bubbly personality and that I'm sexy," said Brandi Fox, a 45-year-old wife and mother who lives in Houston, Texas.

Peter and JMac, her fuck friends in this three-way, can attest to both. She uses her bubbly personality (and hot body) to get their cocks out. Then she shows how sexy she is by sucking and fucking them. Most 45-year-old wives and moms do not have three-ways with younger guys for all the world to see, but Brandi isn't like most women.

These days, she's also going by the name Sky Haven. She says the best part about being a beautiful woman is "I get to model. And also I get away with things that normally people don't get away with. All people are attracted to me in a good way."

Especially men. Especially members.

"I have a lot of energy and I'm very strong," Brandi said. "I'm a really good dancer."

Fact: Women who dance well fuck well (and we've heard women say the same thing about men).

Fact: Brandi is a really good fucker.

In this scene, Brandi has invited JMac and Peter over to her bayfront condo to have some fun. Brandi's husband is out of town, and that means she can do whatever she wants with whomever she wants. The guys manage to keep up with her, and that's not easy. They fuck on the couch. Brandi keeps up a good blow job rhythm even while she's getting fucked. Then she gets down on her knees and opens her mouth for their cum.

Bubbly personality, eh?

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